17 May 2010

Family Tree Magazine: Brick Wall Solutions Webinar, June 15

Researchers often hit brick walls, and now there's a live webinar that can be accessed from everywhere to help with solutions to these problems.

Family Tree Magazine is offering a Brick Wall Busters webinar on Tuesday, June 15, from 7-8pm (US East Coast Time). Presenting will be FTM publisher/editorial director Allison Stacey and New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) online genealogist David Lambert.

According to the official description:

Sooner or later, every genealogist gets stuck. You run into an ancestor or family line you just can't trace any further. What do you do when you hit that dreaded "brick wall"? In this live, interactive Web seminar, Allison Stacy and David Lambert will walk you through strategies for getting around those research obstacles.
Participants will learn how to assess a research problem, tips for surmounting common brick-wall scenarios and professional genealogists' favorite methods for conquering research challenges.

Who may find this worthwhile: Genealogists looking for free and inexpensive ways to research online, genealogists who find themselves stuck with a research problem they cannot move past, beginning family history researchers, and "paper genealogists" who want to take advantage of online resources.

Registrants may submit their own brick wall problems and receive personalized advice from a professional genealogist. Some submissions will be tackled during the webinar. Although the magazine cannot feature all submitted brick walls during the event or guarantee results, every registrant who sends in a question will receive a personalized strategy email.

The early bird price is $39.99, and includes participation in the live presentation and Q&A, unlimited access to the recorded webinar, presentation slides PDF and a bonus handout.

For more information on this program, click here. For general information on webinars, click here.

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