19 January 2010

Long Island: Exploring the 1940 census, Jan. 24

Explore the 1940 census with NARA's Dorothy Dougherty, at the next meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island (New York) on Sunday, January 24.

The program begins at 2pm at the Mid-Island JCC, in Plainview.

The 1940 Census will be made publicly available in April 2012, and this workshop will prepare family historians by describing the genealogical information contained in this database.

This census was conducted during the Great Depression and the New Deal, on the brink of US involvement in World War II, and documents Americans during a time of national struggle.

Dorothy Dougherty is the public programs specialist for the National Archives' Northeast Region branch in New York. Her responsibilities include public, education and outreach efforts.

Her NARA career has also included development, training and deployment of NARA's online Archival Research Catalog, (ARC). And she has been a Manhattan research consultant, New York State Archives Records Manager, and a historical museum interpreter.

She holds a master's degree in history with an archives certificate (CW Post, LIU, New York)

For directions and more information, view the JGSLI site.

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