19 January 2010

Jewish wedding videos sought by Museum

Should your wedding video be part of a museum exhibit? Here's your chance!

In Tel Aviv, Beit Hatfutsot (formerly the Museum of the Diaspora, now the Museum of the Jewish People) will open a new exhibit - "With This Ring: Wedding Ceremonies in Contemporary Art" - on February 25. It will run through mid-July.

The exhibit will present diverse aspects of the Jewish wedding ceremony, with traditional weddings shown alongside modern and unusual wedding traditions.

The Museum's new tag line is "You are part of the story." Exhibits like this provide interesting opportunities to share personal material and to view artists' views of the subjects, such as Melissa Shiff's PostModern Jewish Wedding (left).
"On October 12, 2003 Louis Kaplan and I stood under a new media chuppah in a 19th-century stone distillery in Toronto, Canada . Together we created a ritual that played between contemporary performance art and the customs of the traditional Jewish wedding. Solomon and Socalled’s Hip Hop Khasene served as the
musical accompaniment to our multi-media video extravaganza with cutting edge performances from new wave Klezmer musicians, Sophie Solomon, Josh Dolgin, Michael Alpert and David Krakauer."
Gila Cohen, who heads the Museum's Film Archive, asks the public to send in interesting pieces of your Jewish wedding video to be incorporated into the exhibit and its activities.

Exhibit-related activities may include a gallery talk with the curator and artists; an evening symposium covering films, music and art from a social sciences view and a May evening focusing on Jewish weddings for young people.

Send film in DVD or VHS format. Remember to include your personal contact information (name, address, phone numbers, email), wedding information (where, when, bride and groom, officiant, community traditions shown), remembrances, short stories, names, etc. as well as the all-important written permission allowing the Museum to use the films.

Questions about material you might have and want to share for this exhibit? Send an email.

Send material to:
Beit Hatfutsot
(Museum of the Jewish People)
Post Box 39359
Tel Aviv 61392

Attn: Gila Cohen, Film Archive
See you at the Museum!

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