15 September 2008

Washington DC: Father Desbois, book launch

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum will host Father Patrick Desbois for a presentation and book signing at 7pm Monday, September 22, in the Helena Rubinstein Auditorium.

The event commemorates the launch of the English translation of his book, "The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest's Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews." (Palgrave Macmillan, 272pgs, 16 photos). Paul A. Shapiro, Director, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at USHMM, wrote the foreword.

In this heart-wrenching book, Father Patrick Desbois tells the poignant story of how he spent most of a decade locating 800 mass gravesites and other execution sites of Jews exterminated by Nazis in Ukraine. Using forensic evidence, eyewitness accounts, and new archival material, Desbois brings new focus to the Einsatzgruppen mobile killing squads in Ukraine. He moves on to honor the victims with proper burials, bring life to their stories, and interviews aging Ukrainian witnesses to this travesty.

Dr. Deborah Lipstadt writes, “Father Patrick Desbois has performed a special act of loving kindness not for one person but for hundreds of thousands of people who were murdered in cold blood. He has done so despite the fact that many people would have preferred this story never to be uncovered and others doubted that it ever could be done."

Reception and book signing to follow.
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