10 July 2011

Yiddish Center: Audio books in Yiddish

The Yiddish Book Center and the Jewish Public Library of Montreal produced the audiobook Kinder-yorn (Childhood Years) as part of Y.Y. Trunk's seven-volume Poylen (Poland: Memories and Images).

The work is considered one of the most important memoirs of Jewish Polish life. The author began the work two days after he arrived in the US in March 1941.

According to the Yiddish Book Center, "He knew that Europe’s Jews were facing an unimaginable disaster, and his book has been called a 'portable literary gravestone for a destroyed community.'"

Two Fellows of the Yiddish Book Center have returned with an additional 200 Yiddish audio books on tape. They will be digitized and made available for free online.

Poyln has also been translated into English and published by the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada.

For those who can read Yiddish, click here . Sample the audio book here.


  1. I recently came across a beautiful Yiddish lullaby that I learned to sing for my daughter. Even though I am not Jewish and had no idea what the words meant, the language was so beautiful that it really sparked my interest. Thanks for suggesting this audiobook. I look forward to listening to it!

  2. It is very wonderfull center

  3. Audio books can become great resources for Yiddish language learners. The greatest part is that it's going to be available for free.

  4. It's great that you considered posting this for those who can read Yiddish, like me. I upload most of my audio books at YourListen.com. You might also want to upload yours there.

    Have a great day!