01 June 2011

Generations Maps becomes Family ChartMasters

Janet Hovorka announced that her company - Generations Maps -has changed its name to Family ChartMasters, as of June 1.

Located in Cedar Hill, Utah, the company was founded in 2004. The press release states:
“We’ve decided to rename in order to simplify and focus our message on exactly what we do the best, “ said Kim Hovorka, CEO, Family ChartMasters.  “We’re proud of the excellent customer service we provide and the way we can customize any family’s information to any design a genealogist is looking for.  Future users will be able to easily find us now, and future generations will benefit from the family history we are able to display for your family.”

The name Family ChartMasters also comes with a new concentrated tagline, Share•Honor•Inspire, expressing how a genealogist can use a genealogy chart to further their research.  Users are encouraged to Share their research, Honor their ancestors, and Inspire their family members with their family’s heritage.  Family ChartMasters continues to be an inexpensive, beautiful way to make your genealogy chart ideas a reality.
The company is the premier printing service for any kind of genealogy chart imaginable.  In addition to the design-it-yourself online Family ChArtist program, Family ChartMasters continues to offer a multitude of custom chart printing services, including both decorative and working genealogy charts.

The charts literally come in any size, and the company has printed working charts up to 800 feet long with information on more than 30,000.  Charts are over sized, inexpensive and can display family-reunion type charts with space to write on and add information.

For more information, click here, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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