23 May 2011

MyHeritage.com: New FTB 5.1 version available

MyHeritage.com has just released its new Family Tree Builder 5.1 version and is also offering a limited-time 25% discount on all subscriptions.

If you've ever considered a subscription, this sounds like a good time to sign up.

Millions of people around the world are using the free Family Tree Builder to construct their family trees. According to the site, more than 21 million people have downloaded FTB, which runs in 36 languages.

Readers who have tried an older version some time ago, or have never used it, or even if they are using another software product, may wish to try the new 5.1 version. Import a GEDCOM  and other genealogy files from whatever program you are currently using and see how the new version works.

Readers who are using older versions (3.0, 4.0, 5.0) may download the new 5.1 version, and install it on top of the existing version. The update will not affect existing data, and is safe and recommended.

Download the new version for free.

Although a Mac version is not yet available, it is planned.

According to MyHeritage.com:
MyHeritage also writes that the summer special of 25% will be available only for the next few days:

Tracing the Tribe particularly likes the idea that it can now import various genealogy files, in addition to GEDCOMs.

When my old PC was smashed in moving, my hard drive files were put onto an external drive, but the programs themselves were lost. This upgrade to 5.1 has meant that all my old Family Tree Maker files - and others - could be searched for and incorporated. Tracing the Tribe likes improvements that save time and hassle.

Another reason to use more than one software program, and to keep one online in a safe and secure environment, is simply to be proactive.  We never know when we may experience serious computer problems or when a natural disaster may impact access to years of research.

Tracing the Tribe always recommends that - in addition to a software program housed on a personal computer - the information also be online in a secure and private environment, keeping it safe. At MyHeritage.com, your entire family tree can be housed on a family site as completely private as you wish, or as public as desired. Your private data will be protected, safe and accessible, no matter what happens to your personal computer at home.

The Boy Scout motto - "be prepared" - should also be the mantra of all genealogists and family history researchers.
For the next few days only, enjoy a massive 25% discount on all our subscriptions!

With a Premium subscription, you'll get:

  • All Premium features of Family Tree Builder 5.1 (current and future). These include Smart Research results, Smart Match merging, all-in-one charts and interactive maps.
  • Up to 2500 names and 500MB of storage for photos and documents in your family site.
  • Enhanced Smart Matches.
  • Priority support.
Our PremiumPlus subscription offers all the benefits of Premium listed above, plus unlimited family tree size and unlimited storage capacity for photos and documents in your family site.

What's new in version 5.1

Version 5.1 adds a technology licensed from Wholly Genes , Inc. that makes it possible for Family Tree Builder to directly import existing family tree files from other genealogy programs you may have used before, such as Family Tree Maker (FTM, FTW, FTMB), Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Legacy (FDB), The Master Genealogist (TMG) and Family Tree Legends (FTL). Good old GEDCOM files are supported and can be imported too.

If you've used any of those other programs in the past, you can now download Family Tree Builder 5.1, import your family tree and photo data easily and move up to one of the best programs available today, and build a tree of unlimited size on your computer, for free. After installing Family Tree Builder 5.1, import your existing genealogy files using "Import GEDCOM or genealogy file" in the File menu. You can browse and upload a specific family tree file, or choose to scan your computer for all genealogy files, and then select any file to import it.

The new version also incorporates many bug fixes so it is a recommended update for all users.

Family Tree Builder 5.1 includes all new features introduced in version 5.0, that you may not be enjoying yet: enhanced, better-looking family tree charts, built-in poster printing for charts, family tree consistency checker, to-do lists, better privacy controls, easy restoration of family trees from your family site, search and replace function for the entire family tree, and many other improvements and fixes. All those new features are described in detail and with screenshots,
on our blog.

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