22 May 2011

Geneabloggers: 19 new blogs

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.com has located another 19 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs, bringing the geneablog total to 1,929 genealogy blogs at the site.

Here are the highlights of the new list. Read more here.

This week's collection offers blogs focused on individual family histories, Australia, UK, professional genealogists, genealogy conferences, African-American, genealogy education, Florida, genealogy society, genealogy industry and surnames.

The list includes a Jewish family history blog:

Everything I Know About Hyman Victor
Individual family (VICTOR), Jewish genealogy

Everything I Know is a repository for information about the life of my late great grandfather Hyman Victor, a Jewish immigrant who came to America in 1913. The exhibits at left tell the story of his life, through the vital records, photos, and oral history he left behind.
The other new blogs are

Claiming Kin
African-American, individual family history

Marlive Taylor-Harris has been hooked on genealogy since her son, now with children of his own, brought home an ancestral chart to complete for his “All About Me” project in third grade.
Diggin for Family

Florida State Genealogical Society Blog
Florida, Genealogy society

Founded in 1977 to promote the study and research of genealogy and local history, the society publishes source materials and family history, encourages seminars, workshops and similar educational meetings and - since 1978 - has held an annual conference with well-known speakers.
Forget-Me-Not Ancestry
Professional genealogist

... I love the detective work ~ the sleuthing ~ involved in genealogy research. I know how to find the sources that provide clues and answers to ancestry questions, and more importantly I know how to analyze the data. I have a gift for seeing relationships and noticing bits of information that many others do not. ...
Australia, Genealogy conferences

Events of interest to Australian genealogists including conferences, excursions, family reunions, lectures, open days and seminars. ... Readers are encouraged to submit details of events for publishing on this blog.
Green Eyed Look-a-Like
Individual family history

Jottings, Journeys and Genealogy
Australia, Individual family history

Online Gen Guy
Genealogy industry

Author Mark Olsen is a genealogist and an online marketer. "As the current affiliate program manager at FamilyLink.com and WorldVitalRecords.com and the former affiliate manager of Ancestry.com I have some great experience helping people make a lot of money in Genealogy Affiliate Programs. Here I will talk affiliate stuff, blogging, genealogy."
Onwards to Our Past
Individual family history

A genealogy blog focused on Bohemia, Czech community of Cleveland, Cornwall in the UK, Italy and Italian immigration all with a good dose of fun!
Search Tip of the Day
Genealogy education

This is my newest “tip of the day” blog–geared towards online sites, not Ancestry.com, but any online database site (fee and otherwise) that genealogists use. Every day we will have a search tip for using a site or a database.
Reflecting on Genealogy
Genealogy education, Genealogy industry

Steers ONS (One Name Study)
Surname blog (STEERS), UK

For those of you who are not aware of the concept of a One Name Study may I suggest that you head over to the Guild of One Name Studies homepage for a breakdown of what they do. ...
The Heritage Files
Individual family history

Authored by a 30-something daughter of a long-time genealogy researcher, recently bitten by the genealogy bug, who thought it would be fun, and perhaps even helpful, to write about her discoveries, frustrations, insights, and adventures. ...
The Leaves on the Trudgian Tree
Individual family history (TRUDGIAN)

Exploring the lives of one Trudgian family in Galena, Illinois through the eyes of their daughter, Lillian, from 1913-1931. Lillian’s diary entries explore the family, neighbors, what is happening in Galena, national events, the weather and the crops!
Theories of Relativity
Individual family history

Updates Genie
Australia, Genealogy industry

Tips and news from all over the world (Australia, UK, Ireland, NZ, Canada, USA etc), about indexes, Web sites, publications and other resources, discounts, events etc. There are also links to longer articles on ‘Queensland Genealogy’, ‘UK/Australia Genealogy’ and ‘Genealogy Leftovers’.
Weeks Family Research
Individual family history (WEEKS)

Will the real Ursula Wright please stand up!
Individual family history (WRIGHT)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Schelly! And I love the new blog about Hyman Victor - very creative layout of the "evidence"