10 April 2011

Geneabloggers: 12 new genblogs discovered

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.com has discovered another 12 genealogy blogs this week.

With these new additions, there are now 1,844 genealogy blogs at the site.

See the complete list here, but here are some of the highlights of his post today.

This week's crop includes blogs on cemeteries, individual family history, Canada, Indiana, a professional genealogist, a genealogy society and a genealogy library.

A Grave Curiosity
Cemetery blog

David Suddarth is a genealogist from St. Paul, Minnesota who enjoys exploring old cemeteries. He also has a genealogy research blog, Ancestral Journeys, and a genealogy website, DWS Genealogy.
A Patient Genealogist
Individual family history (GEISZLER, COMFORT, BROWN, LONG)

Adventures In Brown County Genealogy
Genealogical society blog, Indiana genealogy, Professional genealogist
Authored by the Indiana Genealogical Society’s County Genealogist for Brown County, Indiana.
Branches of OUR Tree
Individual family history

Written by Bret Petersen who developed a love of family history research at a young age. He's the webmaster of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group, a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild and serves on the  Utah Genealogical Association’s Education Committee and is working towards professional genealogist accreditation. He has an online family history site where he shares information with his relatives. He loves teaching and helping others learn all they can about using technology in researching their family history.
Collecting Dead Relatives and Live Cousins!
Individual family history
"I love history (thanks Dad!). I love a mystery. I have an inquiring mind. I love a good story. I see dead people (not really, I was on a roll….) Researching family history encompasses all of these traits. It really is a natural for me"
Family History Nuggets
Individual family history
Kevin Huigens is an amateur genealogist and family historian. "I love the detective work and research that goes into tracking down details on my ancestors lives. I bash my head against the brick walls until they come down. I also enjoy writing and my blog is a great way to practice. I try to post all of the interesting little pieces of family history I turn up. I occasionally use the many blogging prompts for genealogists to spur me into blogging action."
Finding Kline
Individual family history
On November 6, 1965, Gerald Kline (24) and his wife Linda (20) were traveling down the highway near Fresno, California when a car traveling in the opposite direction crossed lanes and collided with them head-on. Gerald, Linda and their 13-month old, Theresa Robin, were all killed. Gerald’s two young sons, Jerry (4) and Paul (3), who were playing on the floor in the back seat, were the only Kline survivors.

I am Courtney, daughter of Jerry Kline. This blog is the story of my efforts to find out everything I can about my grandparents. My dad doesn’t know much about his family. He can’t remember anything before the accident. I want to know who there were, how they fell in love, who their friends were. I want to know everything.
Canadian genealogy, Individual family history
The author has been an avid genealogy and family history researcher for 30 years, and has served as Calgary Family History Centre research assistant for 12 years, and director (2001-2004).
KHCPL Genealogy & Local History Department
Genealogy library blog, Indiana genealogy
This is blog of the Genealogy & Local History Department of the Kokomo-Howard County (Indiana) Public Library. It will promote genealogy events in the department and highlight breaking genealogy news.
Remembering Those Who Came Before Us
Individual family history (COLMAN)

Dates are only the skeleton of the stories which should be told about the ordinary or extraordinary lives of our ancestors. Finding clues to how they lived puts flesh on those bones and makes the old photographs glow with life.
Votes for Women: “Spirit of 1776″ Suffrage Campaign Wagon
Individual family history
The suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Buckman Kearns on Long Island and in New York City parades is an example of the extensive use of “visual rhetoric” used by the suffragists in addition to the written and spoken word. This wagon also tapped into the tradition of the American Revolution by the question posed whenever Edna spoke in public: “If taxation without representation was tyranny in 1776, why not in 1913?” The wagon’s name, the “Spirit of 1776,” also was a crowd pleaser.
Who Knew?
Individual family history (GUNZENDORFER, WALLER)
I started researching the Gunzendorfers about a year ago and have branched out in so many directions with the help of my partner-in-genealogy, Jan. I’ve learned that my 5th great grandfather on my mother’s side, Ashbel Waller, served in the Revolutionary War. And his grandson, Emery Waller, (my 3rd great grandfather) served in the Civil War. I’ve learned that just like my grandmothers told me when we gave our daughter the middle name of Rebecca, both of their grandmothers really were named Rebecca (Steen and Waller). I’ve learned that my dad’s family really are Jewish and that the Jews in California have been studied and researched – a lot. And while I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, I’ve learned that there really might not be any Gunzendorfers left in the United States. Who knew Mom might be right?
Read more about each new-found blog at the post link above or at each individual blog link.

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