22 March 2011

UK: 'Jews of Morocco' conference, June 20-22

The British Institute for Jewish Studies is planning a summer conference on the Jews of Morocco.

The conference will take place June 20-22, at University College London, Gower Street WC1.
Jews have lived in Morocco for nearly two thousand years, in desert and mountain regions, in the imperial cities of central Morocco and in towns along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, with Berber and with Arab  neighbours. This conference is a rare opportunity to find out more about the rich and varied culture of Moroccan Jews and their history.
The program has not yet been announced, but the list of speakers includes:
Joseph CHETRIT (University of Haifa),
Emily GOTTREICH (UC Berkeley)
Paul FENTON (Sorbonne)
Henry GREEN (University of Miami)
Oren KOSANSKY (Lewis and Clarke College, Portland, Oregon)
Michael LASKIER (Bar-Ilan University)
Jessica MARGLIN (Princeton University)
Hilary POMEROY (University College London)
Moises ORFALI (Bar-Ilan University)
Vanessa PALOMA (Casablanca)
Norman STILLMAN  (University of Oklahoma)
Susana WEICH-SHAHAK (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
For more information, email the Institute of Jewish Studies at UCL or check out the IJS website.

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