12 February 2011

RootsTech: Day 1

Tracing the Tribe was so busy yesterday that we couldn't manage to post this information!

The day started very early for the geneabloggers with a 7am breakfast hosted by FamilySearch.org.

After a demo on FamilySearch, the group received a first-look at the exhibitor floor.

The media hub has been active all day, with bloggers working from the stations, and interviews being conducted in glass-walled booths.

The demo hub has events scheduled all day and Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage.com announced the company's IPhone mobile app.

Tracing the Tribe sat next to One-Step guru Steve Morse during the opening keynote address by HP president Shane Robison.

Some of today's 51 sessions:

  • "Interactive Genealogists," with Lisa Alzo
  • "The 50 Most Popular Genealogy Web Sites (Really!)," with Kory Meyerink.
  • Virtual Family RReunions: Using Online Tools to Find More Cousins Than You Know What to Do With," "with Crista Cowan.
  • "Will Your Work Survive the Digital Age?" with Janet Hovorka
  • "Exploring Cemetery Solutions," with Gordon Clarke (a panel discussion)
  • "Software Forecast: What Geneaogists Need for the Future," with D. Josh Taylor
  • "Toy Story: Electronic Tools for Genealogists," with Sandra Crowey
  • "Tweet Your Ancestors: Social Media for Genealogists," with Patricia Van Skaik
  • "Cool Tools to Enhance Your Online Research," with Tami Glatz
  • "Social Networking for Genealogists," with Drew Smith
  • "Digitally Preserving Your Family Heritage," with Barry Ewell.
  • "Self-Pubishing for Genealogists and Genealogical Societies," with Thomas MacEntee
  • "How Should We Handle Sources?" with Rick Laxman (an open discussion among genealogists, bloggers, vendors and website providers)
Tonight - Thursday - we are attending a special Night at the Planetarium exclusively for conference-goers. The program includes a casual dinner, star shows, 3D IMAX movies and interactive exhibits, with prizes to be awarded all evening.

It has been a busy, if tiring, very full day!

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