30 January 2011

New technology: Now we're cooking!

The January Electronics Show often showcases fascinating new gadgets and technology with applications for many uses.

Forbes just showcased its top picks - and there's one this year with genealogy applications.

Have you ever burned dinner because you were trying to find family information on a new website and lost all sense of time?  Tracing the Tribe is guilty of that, so one of the Forbes picks really spoke to us.

We loved the iGrill, a Bluetooth wireless cooking thermometer that works with an iPhone or iPad. You stick the sensor in the meat or other food and sync it with your iGadget of choice. Monitor your food from up to 200 feet away and never burn dinner again.

Your non-genealogically-involved significant other may decide to get one for you!

Now all I need is an iPhone or iPad. They are on my wish list.

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