23 January 2011

Antwerp, Begium: Foreigner indexes at FamilySearch.org

Did your family pass through Antwerp, Belgium on their immigration journey?

If so, then you might find information in the Foreigner Index at the Felix Archive in Antwerp, which contains files of foreigners who lived there from 1840-1930. Many of these individuals were Eastern European Jews.

Previously researchers could find names, file numbers, date and place of birth at the archive, but now these details can be found at FamilySearch.org using a name search.

Here's a portion of a page, with Joseph Aaronowicz from Czernowitz highlighted:

Read more about the Police Immigrant Index here.

While I did not find any of my TALALAY in the index, I did find numerous FINK that might be related. Now all I need is more time to check out those names.

To search this index, click here.


  1. you can also visit the forum associated with the Felixarchief (the Antwerp city archives).
    You can try there to find volunteers to get the file copied and sent to you.

  2. It's helpful to also browse the records on the Felix Archives site (where the images of the indexes have been for several years).

    Also, the Felix Archives only cover Antwerp, but there is a much larger archive in Brussels that covers the entire country, and theoretically has everything in the Felix Archives and more (although in practice sometimes the Felix Archives have some documents that the larger archive does not, especially older documents).

    I describe these resources in detail in a blog posting here: