16 December 2010

New Mexico: It's snowing!

Today has been very different.

After a long time in the Middle East, Tracing the Tribe is watching snow come down!

This morning began with cold rain and, within just the past 10 minutes, it has begun snowing ... and sticking!

The weather reports predicted this, and since I barely remember how to drive in the snow - it's been a very long time - yesterday we made a supermarket run in case we had to stay home for a day or so.

Now I have no excuse but to catch up on a mountain of email and blogging.

I don't think our snowfall will rival my good friend Thomas MacEntee's Chicago blizzard but - for me - this seems quite enough!

Mother Nature also seems to be preparing me for my February appearances at the RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Schelly !! What a nice picture, what a nice weather ...
    It looks so wonderful to be working from inside a comfortable home, and looking at a winter's tale window... mmmmmmmmmmmm ........
    I'll write you later on, need some of your professional advice :-)
    Maria Jose Surribas
    (can't publish this comment but as anonymous ...)