18 December 2010

Geneabloggers: New blogs

So many new blogs! So little time to catch up with them!

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.com frequently posts lists of newly discovered gen blogs. Here's the recent roundup of his discoveries. Find out more about each here.

These new ones focus on personal family history, Australia, surnames, New York, write family history, New Zealand, Midwest, Minnesota, New England and family reunions.

An American Dynasty: The Story of a Dakota Family
Individual family history

Blog, blog, blog
Australian genealogy, Individual family history

Davis Genealogy Project (Fitz-Henry Family History)
Surname blog

  • Part of a one-name study and is a collaborative project with individuals in the US, UK and Australia.
From the Shadows to the Page
Writing Your Family History blog

  • To share and connect with those interested in writing from life, recording their personal histories, writing a memoir for publication and/or personal use, and all things related to writing one’s story.
Hempstead Family – Bklyn, NY
Individual family history, New York genealogy

Inside History Magazine
Australian genealogy, New Zealand genealogy

Jack and Pauline
Individual family history (SIULINSKI and ALBERT)

Lewisville, Minnesota
Individual family history, Midwest genealogy, Minnesota genealogy

Martha Carrier’s Family
Family reunion blog, Individual family history, New England genealogy

  • Accused witch Martha Carrier was hanged in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.
My Mouse Is Broken
Individual family history

To learn more about this batch of new blogs, click here.

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