29 November 2010

New York: Sephardic Cooking Classes, January 2011

Love Sephardic food?

Here's your chance to learn about your heritage or just something delicious about another heritage.

Janet Amateau (of Barcelona, Spain) will hold New York Metro cooking lessons for the first time since 2006.

Here's the schedule:

Thursday, January 13, morning
Riverside (Greenwich), Connecticut
A savory meal will be prepared

Wednesday, January 19, morning 
Great Neck (L.I.), New York
Either a second savory meal or traditional desserts and sweets will be prepared
Both locations are near train stations.

The emphasis on both dates is on Ottoman-Sephardic tradition, but Amateau will also include elements of traditional Jewish foods still found in Spain.
The format is part demonstration, part hands-on, and they are appropriate for all skill levels. Each runs about three hours, including time to share a meal.

Space is limited, and quick reservations are suggested.

For January 19, please indicate if you would prefer savory or sweets.

For more information and pricing, contact Janet Amateau.

For more information on her background, see her SephardicCooking.com website and her blog, SephardicFood.com.


  1. hi! shally im also a filipino with an spanish descent my father comes from descendants of Don isidro valle a spaniard from old parian district city , cebu island. and one of the 30 wealthy spanish families settling in spanish colonize phillippines.also listed in the phillippine archives records he is the one who donated the old catholic church,municipal land and a 10,000 pesos amount for the church.but later i found out that our surname was included in the sephardim catalog names and became curios don isidro valle was from andalusia spain travel to mexico den to cebu island phillippines.now im on the process of converting to judaisim and also undergoing for a DNA test to make sure. by the way im seeking some help from you thanks! shalom!

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    It would be great if she could come out to Seattle. There's a large Sephardic community here in Seward Park.