16 October 2010

Sacramento: Intro to Jewish genealogy, October 17

An introduction to Jewish genealogy is the focus of the next Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento, on Sunday, October 17.

Tracing the Tribe apologizes the the late notice of this interesting program, which will be presented by Dale Friedman at 10am, at the Albert Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright St., Sacramento.

If you've wanted to begin researching your family tree, this meeting might be a good place to start.

Dale will discuss what "Jewish genealogy" really is and what you might learn about yourself by doing family history research. He'll explore the "Jewish" in Jewish genealogy and share what he's learned.

How did my ancestors shape me? Jewish genealogy is one way to help answer the question of how our ancestors shaped us. Using personal examples, Dale will suggest research methods to begin your quest.

A board member of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogy Society, Dale has been exploring the family history of all four sides of his family and of his wife's family.

Book opportunity: The Sacramento society recently received donations of Jewish genealogy research books and other materials. Some were added to the society library, some are duplicates or cannot be kept due to space limitations.

The books and magazines that cannot be kept will be available to society members. All in excellent condition, some are literally new. The materials will be given away free, but only to Sacramento society members.

Early arrivals at tomorrow's meeting get first choice. This is another great benefit of membership!

The meeting is open to all. Click the link above for directions and more information.

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