10 October 2010

Geneabloggers: 12 new geneablogs found this week

Geneabloggers.com's Thomas MacEntee has discovered another 12 genealogy and family-history related blogs. The site now counts 1,315 geneablogs.

Among the topics are: surnames, individual family history, Australia, genealogy education, professional genealogists, death records, obituaries, Midwest US, Nebraska, UK, New York, Scotland, and even - would you believe? - one purportedly written by a dachshund named Tika.

Buggy Name History
Surname blog

Day’s Days
Individual family history

Family History 4u
Australian genealogy, Genealogy education

Family History Research
Australian genealogy, Genealogy education, Professional genealogists

Gems of the Past
Individual family history

Graveyard Obit
Death Records and Obituary blogs, Midwest genealogy, Nebraska genealogy

Kith and Kin Research: The Blog
Individual family research, UK genealogy

My Other Blog
Individual family history

New York History
New York genealogy

The Canty Quest
Individual family history

Tika’s Thoughts and Teachings
Genealogy education

Walking My Tree
Individual family history

Your Scottish Ancestry
Professional genealogists, Scottish genealogy

To read more about the new blogs, click here.

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  1. angelatjabbok@aol.com6:20 PM

    I do not know where to go to find information regarding my Grandmother whom I never met. There is a rumor years ago in my family that her people came from Belarus and that they were Jewish; her maiden name was Rankin.
    Is this an established Jewish name? Thank you for any assistance. My email is angelatjabbok@aol.com