28 October 2010

FamilyTreeDNA.com: New customer sale!

Trying to decide whether to get involved in genetic genealogy?

Perhaps this special sale will help you make that leap.

For a limited-time only, new customers of FamilyTreeDNA.com can take advantage of a two special bundles:
Family Finder + Y-DNA12 (Regular Price: $388) - NOW $299

Family Finder + mtDNA (Regular Price: $388) - NOW $299
See what the Family Finder can do for you! Regardless of gender, it can find cousins back to six generations on an individual's paternal and maternal lines.

The regular Family Finder price alone is $289, so for only $10 more (a total of $299), test for Y-DNA 12 (for males only) or mtDNA (HVR1) (for males and females).

Only credit card payments will be accepted for this special offer.

For more information, click here, and scroll down to "Combined tests for male and female lines."

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