22 September 2010

UK: Hull Jewish history and new book

The myth of the "Wandering Jew" and early Hull Jewish history came to life again in a recent program at a local synagogue.

Importantly for Jewish genealogists and family historians whose families had a connection with Hull, a new directory - compiled from books and registers - will detail the Jewish history and residents of the community.

Hull was also a major migration stop for European Jews, and is one of the three oldest Jewish communities in England.

The BBC covered the event.

Speakers included Hull attorney Max Gold, Hull University history professor Dr. Nick Evans, and Hull Jewish community historian and archivist Dr. David Lewis.

Gold noted the recorded Jewish presence and influence in the Roman Empire where some 10% of the population was Jewish and how Jewish traders were believed to have been regular visitors to Cornwall some 2000 years ago.

Among other topics discussed: Sephardic history in Spain, Columbus' likely origin as a converso, the 1290 expulsion of Jews from England and their return in 1655.

Hull's first recorded Jewish inhabitant in 1766 being Michael Levy, a watchmaker. In 1788 a local jeweller, Aaron Jacobs, created an 'elegant crown' to adorn the brow of King William the Third's (King Billy) equestrian statue on the centenary celebration of his victory over King James the Second.
Gold said that the Max Factor cosmetics company family came from Hull before moving to the US.

Lewis spoke about the creation of a directory of the community's history and people from books and registers. It covers the community's vital role for many immigrants moving on to Liverpool and also to North America.
The directory, which is now at first draft stage, when finally complete will be passed to Hull's new History Centre where it will be made available on-line for use by historians and descendants of early transmigrants exploring their family origins.
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  1. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Have any monographs been published about Jewish exiles from Nazi persecution who settled in Hull?