20 September 2010

Books: Jewish community histories

Hollander Books (San Francisco, California) has a stock of Jewish community histories by Arcadia Publishing, and is offering them at a 20% discount (see details below).

Histories of communities are invaluable for genealogists and family history researchers. In general, they provide the development of a community in which your ancestors may have lived. And, if you are really lucky, your ancestors might even be named in the pages.

The book may explain why Jews migrated there, whether it included people from certain towns in the old country, how the community contributed to the development of the geographic location and more.

Visit Hollander Books online for more information.

Tracing the Tribe learned about this collection from a posting by Harry Hollander on the Association of Jewish Libraries list.

Many of you are familiar with the sepia toned covers of Arcadia Publishings books on local communities. There are now quite a few on Jewish communities.

Fred Isaac recently published a volume in the series, "Jews of Oakland and Berkeley," and feels that these are good solid books for Jewish libraries. At his urging I attempted to exhibit them at the AJL conference in Seattle. However, a number of snafus with the publisher at the time sunk that plan.

In my experience, people get very excited about these books. They not only identify with the place where they live, but also places where they and members of their families have lived, making it worthwhile to include communities outside of your local area in your collection.
Below is a list of the volumes that Hollander currently stocks. He's offering a 20% discount off the listed retail prices. US shipping: $2 for one book, and free for two or more titles. International shipping is at cost. Go to the website link for more information.

Isaac, Frederick. "Jews of Oakland and Berkeley." $21.99
Los Angeles's Boyle Heights. $21.99

Jewish Denver 1859-1960. $19.99

The Jewish Communities of Greater Stamford. $21.99

The Jewish Community of Washington, D.C. $19.99

Jews of Greater Miami. $21.99

Chicago's Jewish West Side. $21.99

Jewish Chicago: A Pictorial History. $21.99
Skokie. (Chicago Suburbs) $21.99
Chicago's Forgotten Synagogues. $19.99

The Jewish Community of New Orleans. $21.99

The Jewish Community of the North Shore. (outside Boston) $19.99
The Jewish Community of Baltimore. $19.99

Maine's Jewish Heritage. $19.99

Jewish Ann Arbor. $10.00
The Jewish Community of Metro Detroit 1945-2005. $19.99

Reform Jews of Minneapolis. $19.99

Jewish Life in Omaha and Lincoln: A Photographic History. $19.99
Jews of Morris County. (New Jersey) $19.99
Jews of Weequahic. $21.99
Jewish South Jersey. $19.99

Star Lake.(Jews in the Adirondacks - Jewish Hotel, etc.)$19.99
Sullivan County Borscht Belt. (Catskills) $19.99
The Jewish Community of Staten Island. $19.95

Jewish Life in Akron. $19.95
Jews of Cincinnati. $19.99
Cleveland Heights Congregations. $21.99

The Jewish Community Around North Broad Street. (Philadelphia) $19.99
The Jewish Community of South Philadelphia. $19.99
Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia. $19.99
Squirrel Hill. (Pittsburgh) $21.99
The Jewish Community Under the Frankford El. $19.99

The Jewish Community of Chattanooga. $19.99
Nashville's Jewish Community. $21.99

Hollander also has a related blog or email him for more information.

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