30 August 2010

Jewish genealogy books online

ProGenealogists.com blog noted Genealogy Book Links, a site with nearly 20,000 titles and 7,500 for biography and family genealogy.
Books are arranged by topic, surname, locality and type.

A retired librarian, Mollie, began to construct a searchable website for free online books about three years ago. Genealogy Book Links went live in December 2007, and she adds 300-500 new titles each week.

Read the Progenealogists.com blog post for more.

In the Jewish section of Mollie's site, find these helpful resources for early settlement in the US:

-- American Jewish Year Book (American Jewish Committee, JPS) 1907 1908 1916 1922

-- Early history of the Jews in NY, 1654-1664: Oppenheim, Sam. Cor

-- Eminent Jews of America: S. B. Goodkind (American Hebrew Biographical Company, Inc. 1918 Goo

--Hebrew Union College: Kaufmann Kohler (Ark, 1916) OpL

-- Twenty-fifth anniversary of the first graduation: Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 27-28, 1908 (May & Kreidler, 1908) OpL

-- The International Jewish Cook Book: 1600 Recipes: Florence Kreisler Greenbaum (NY 1919) MSU

-- Jewish immigration to the United States from 1881 to 1910: Samuel Joseph (Columbia Univ., 1914) OpL

-- Jewish Memories: Lucette Valensi, Nathan Wachtel, trans. Barbara Harshav (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991) UCP

-- The Jews in America: Madison Clinton Peters (Phila, 1905) Har

-- The Jews of Philadelphia: Their history from the earliest settlements: Henry Samuel Morais (1894) Har

-- Memorial volume: Leo N. Levi (Hamburger Print. Co., 1905) OpL

-- Old Jewish Cemeteries (South Carolina): Barnett Abraham Elzas, 1867-1936 19--?]S.C.? Har

-- Papers, Jewish Women's Congress; Chicago, September 4-7, 1893: (1894) Goo

-- The Russian Jew in the United States: Studies of Social Conditions in New York, Philadelphia, and...: Charles Seligman Bernheimer (1905) Goo

-- The Settlement of the Jews in North America: Charles P. Daly (1893) Har

-- Statement by Henry Ford Regarding Charges Against Jews, Made in His Publications, the Dearborn Independent, and a Series of Pamphlets Entitled "The International Jew," Together With an Explanatory Statement by Louis Marshall, President, American Jewish Committee, and his reply to Mr. Ford: Henry Ford, Louis Marshall (1927) AJC

-- The 250th anniversary of the settlement of the Jews in the US 1655-1905: (NY Co-operative Society 1906) Har

-- Why Am I a Jew? Discourse Delivered Before Sinai Congregation Chicago,1895: Emil Gustav Hirsch (1895) Goo

Check out the other resources at Genealogy Book Links.

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