26 August 2010

IAJGS 2010: Photos wanted!

Photographs taken at IAJGS 2010 are wanted!

Did you attend the conference and take photographs? There were hundreds of digital cameras there this year, so many people must have good images.

The event's program committee is asking attendees to share those images, writes program chair Pam Weisberger:

If so, can you please email me any pictures you have of the events, speakers, resource room, Market Square Fair, meals, lectures, hallways, and participants as soon as possible?

I've had requests from several people for photos that they can use in their JGS programs detailing conference activities, and the JGSLA also hope to put up some on our own web site soon.

The conference organizers were too busy running around to snap much of anything, so we're depending on you!
Photos should be JPG and high-resolution (for clarity), which usually means 300dpi. Send photos to Pam here. If you have a number of large-size photos, send them together in a zip file.

Remember your shoebox filled with photos without names or dates?

I'm sure you do - we all have one - so pretty please caption your photos with important details and the names of people in the image.

HINT: Use standard format when captioning, such as "From left: XXX, YYY" or "Standing: XXX, YYY; Sitting: XXX, YYY" or "Front row: XXX, YYY; Back row: XXX, YYY."

If you know of others who took photos, please let them know about this image-gathering effort.

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