02 August 2010

IAJGS 2010: International Jewish Genealogy Month

Each year, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies holds a competition for a poster for International Jewish Genealogy Month, held during Cheshvan (October-November).

The winner this year was Jen Lowe, a member (since 2009) of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado (JGSCO), where she serves as secretary.

She first started doing genealogy at age 16 when her great-uncle handed her a family tree void of women.

In 1973, her father purchased the Texaco station in Cotopaxi, Colorado. This led to Jen's current research project - the Cotopaxi Jewish Immigrant Colony.

Her roots are in Germany, Switzerland, England and places still unknown.

Jen holds a BS (Business, Colorado State University, Pueblo) and an MBA (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley). Married with two sons, she's been retired since 2002, after working 33 years as a civil servant and in business management.

She’s quite happy to have time to pursue her real love – mixed media art. Her projects have been published 154 times in books and magazines around the world.

The winning poster is also at the IAJGS website; see Jewish Genealogy Month (left sidebar). All genealogy societies, historical societies, synagogues, schools, libraries are invited to download and print out 11x17-inch copies and post them wherever possible.

The poster committee included Merle Kastner of the JGS of Montreal, and Rabbi Gary Gans of the JGS of Greater Philadelphia with myself as committee chair.

We are all delighted that Jen decided to share her talent with IAJGS and all Jewish genealogists around the world.

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