04 July 2010

Seattle: Writing family history

It was a great start to an interesting day.

As I read the Sunday paper today, getting ready for the Association of Jewish Libraries conference, I noticed that Parade magazine - which comes with many US Sunday papers - contained a family history story by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

The story, by Connie Schultz, is found in the section titled "Ordinary Americans, Amazing Discoveries," sponsored by Ancestry, and which offers a 15% subscription discount coupon.

Schultz wrote about how an Internet search showed her true beginnings as she uncovered her family history.
My husband has an elaborate family tree: a name for every branch, each of them dangling dozens of stories like ornaments on a Christmas tree. War heroes, adventurers, first in the family to do this or discover that--on and on it goes, like a PBS miniseries.

My family is more like a tumbleweed: a mysterious jumble of dust and bramble that my parents ducked when it rolled our way. ...
Her story covers Ancestry.com's resources, Irish heritage, passenger manifests, obituaries and much more, and there are still questions. Read the complete story at the link above.

Follow the links to three additional stories. The fourth link goes to Ancestry's page on building a tree, as well as tips and the coupon.

The feature was the first story in today's issue, and three other stories were available following the links.

It was a great start to the opening day of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) conference.

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