13 July 2010

IAJGS 2010: Breakfast with the bloggers

Monday began early with a special social networking breakfast headed by the bloggers.

From left: Thomas MacEntee, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa of Genealogy Gems Podcast and Genealogy Gems News covered the portability of podcasts via iTunes download - even telling us about the woman who has a waterproof iPod and who listens to the podcasts while doing her laps.

She has so many helpful topics at the site, and she recommends going back and listening to older ones. As listeners learn more, some older topics may provide more information after a second take. Each episode has show notes - like a syllabus.

You can listen to the podcasts via any MP3 player, which may cost from a few dollars to many dollars, or even on a cellphone. Listen while exercising, cooking, commuting, or traveling on a plane trip.

An attendee asked Lisa how one makes money from podcasts, which Lisa terms vehicles of connection. But she offers more, such as only for subscribers' special videos and exclusive podcasts, for $29.95 a year.

At this conference, Lisa is teaching three Google classes (two searching, one Google Earth). Premium membership provides classes, DVDs, many special offerings. She also post affiliate links, such as Amazon and other sources. And she also has a speaking career. There's a wide range of things, which provide information and free initial content.

Lisa said that podcasts are suitable for genealogical societies, family groups and others.

Thomas MacEntee of Chicago cautioned attendees on privacy issues and said that any social networking site that you establish an account with has ramifications.

He discussed Facebook and how it can help diverse genealogy groups. For example, he shared that he will be publicity director for the FGS 2011 in Springfield, Illinois, and the event will have a Facebook page.

His latest endeavor is The Connected Genealogist, where free and for-fee items are available, including a Facebook cheat sheet and other very useful technical resources. He does charge for only e-books and templates.

As far as Facebook, he has six separate pages for his various activities, but are all linked to one Facebook account.

I discussed blogging, and also mentioned a new tool on Tracing the Tribe to help readers with visual problems. By clicking the icon above the logo, you can download a toolbar that can enlarge text, change the font, switch colors and more to make it easier to see, or even have the text read to you.

By the way, all of Tracing the Tribe's posts are available as podcasts!


  1. It was so good to see you and Lisa at IAJGS this year and I can't wait for next year's conference in Washington DC!

  2. Getting to hang out with you and Thomas twice in one summer - awesome!! Thanks Schelly!

  3. Brooke Schreier Ganz1:18 PM

    I think you may want to fix the title of this post, unless you have a secret time machine. :-)

  4. Hi, Brooke - thanks for pointing it out. That's what I get for posting at 1.30am!!!!!