26 June 2010

Lithuania: More internal passport records availabe

Lithuania researchers now have more records to search in the Internal Passport Records database.

The addition of 1,635 records is searchable and includes records from Panevezys (177), Telsiai (843), Birzai (265) and Ukmerge (351). Although many additional records have been translated, they will not appear in the database for 18 months.

However, researchers who wish to receive them without waiting can contribute $100 to Jewishgen for each town of interest (listed below).

For more information, click here to read about the passports and their importance. To contribute to this project (and receive records as they become available), click here and make sure to designate the project and town of interest.

Currently, the database includes 62,075 translated internal passport records:

Alytus City: Fond 399, 192 records (underway)
Alytus District: Fond 1569, 149 (underway)
Birzai: 2,739 (complete)
Jonava: 840 (complete)
Kaunas (City): 27,656 (complete)
Kaunas Uyezd: 3,846 (complete)
Kretinga Uyezd: 131 (complete)
Marijampole: 2,694 (underway)
Naujamiestis: 261 (complete)
Panevezys: 8,993 (underway)
Pumpenai: 245 (complete)
Rokiskis: 187 (complete)
Rozalimas: 67 (complete)
Seinai Uyezd (inc. Kapciamiestis and Lazdijai): 453 (complete)
Siauliai Uyezd: 5,594 records (complete)
Taurage District (Raseiniai): 1,026 (underway)
Telsiai Uyezd: 1,623 (complete)
Troskunai: 504 (complete)
Ukmerge: 5,570 (underway)
Vandziogala and environs: 694 (completed)
Towns and districts still to be translated: Trakai District, Vilnius City, Klaipedai City, Zarasiai City and Utena City (and District).

For more information, click the links above.

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