10 June 2010

Jamboree: Almost there!

Many geneabloggers are already on their way to Jamboree, in Burbank, California.

Although my trip to the US was likely the longest (15+ hours) of any of our geneabloggers, I'm likely the closest right now.

I've been staying with fellow genealogist and Mogilev, Belarus researcher Hilary Henkin, who lives only about 15 minutes from the Jamboree hotel. We'll be heading over there in a few hours. I'm rooming again with footnoteMaven - we had a great time last year.

Last night, Hilary and I had dinner with Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage.com, who had landed the day before yesterday and gave a talk in Antelope Valley only a few hours after he arrived.

Tracing the Tribe will be blogging from Jamboree, so stay tuned for the news from this excellent regional conference.

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