15 June 2010

Jamboree 2010: Advanced blogger session

What a great panel for the session focused on more advanced bloggers!

The panel was moderated by Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.com and included Tracing the Tribe as well as my esteemed colleagues and friends:

Here's Kathryn's photo (right) of the audience:
Jewish genealogists may recognize Jan Meisels Allen (lower left), an IAJGS board member and JGS of Conejo Valley president.

The conversation ranged widely as Thomas flashed the blogs on the large screen.

Hints and tips abounded as we spoke about such issues as:

-- Series, themed daily posts (see Geneabloggers for already-established themes), editorial calendars and recycling old holiday or event posts.

-- Guest posts, which Craig called "collaborations."

-- Niche blogs was an important component, and Thomas kindly pointed out Tracing the Tribe's special niche in Jewish genealogy. Specialty blogs become the go-to source by readers looking for up-to-date information in that area, and they also raise interest among new readers.

--Craig, a law professor in real life, and Thomas provided much relevant information on copyright issues involving photos, content, statements, watermarked photos and user content.

-- SEO issues were as interesting to the panel as the audience, and included information on meta-tags, algorithms, how Google (and other) sites handle rankings, how having a quick-loading site is advantageous, links in and out, tagging images, title key words, what and who is written about, making money from bogs, advertising, sponsorship, Facebook and bloglinks.

-- New FCC rules concerning gifts and blog posts and disclaimer statements aimed at making the issues transparent.

The variety was interesting as Kathryn writes the California Genealogical Society blog, Lisa focuses on podcasts, Craig covers general topics, Thomas has severa blogs with diverse purposes, and Tracing the Tribe, of course, is a specialty niche blog.

We're already looking forward to see what's in store at Jamboree 2011.

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  1. Great summary, Shelley! It was nice to meet you at Jamboree :)