23 June 2010

Belarus: Gomel project news

Are you researching Belarus? Is Gomel one of your towns of interest?

Tracing the Tribe has an ancillary interest in Gomel as well. Although Mogilev and environs seems to be the focus of our research, Joseph Talalay of Vorotinschtina married Sophie Brusterman of Gomel. They moved to Moscow, Berlin, London and eventually the US.

Forming a rough triangle, Gomel was in the south, with Bobruisk to the northwest and Mogilev to the north. People from one often went to another for marriage or business. We had Mogilev relatives who went to live in Bobruisk over the years. If you are researching any of these three cities, check available records for the other two - you might find a few surprises!

If you are also interested in the town, read this update from Paul Zoglin of the Gomel (Belarus) project.

The group has been working on translating the first set of Gomel records (marriage records 1888-1905). The work resumed a few weeks ago, he writes, but it is slow going because the records are hard to read.

Paul hopes he may have something before the JGSLA 2010 conference, but it might be later. He will be attending JGSLA 2010, and adds that 10 other group members people will also be present.

A conference get-together may take place for the Gomel research group at 9.30pm Sunday, July 11. All Gomel researchers attending the conference should contact Paul for more information - he's very interested in meeting with them during the conference.

He is also working on the old Jewish neighborhoods in Gomel, and has been investigating the passenger manifests of immigrants from Gomel and recording their street addresses, if and when they appear.

Paul asks Gomel researchers to share with him any additional addresses - if known - of their families. He'll be visiting Gomel in July and plans to take photos of the buildings. Although, he says, "not much remains in Gomel from before the revolution" it is possible some of the old buildings survived.

If Gomel is one of your towns, contact Paul to see how you can help the project move forward and to participate.

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