09 May 2010

New York: American Jewish History conference, June 15-17

The 2010 Biennial Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History will take place June 15-17.

Sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society, the venue is the Center for Jewish History. Read all the event details here.

In addition to panels, roundtables, lectures and workshops, there will be optional tours of Harlem and the Tenement Museum.

Here are the categories of presentations (see the link above for specific talks and presenters):

-- Anti-racism, Anti-psychiatry, and the Birth of American Feminism
-- Re-thinking the Relationship of American Jews to Zionism in the 20th Century
-- Center and Periphery: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Jews and Commerce
-- Religious Liberalism, Ethnic Patriotism, and Progressive Education
-- The Sound of the Jewish Avant-Garde: "Radical Jewish Culture" on New York City's Experimental Music Scene
-- People of the Picture Window: History, Authenticity, and the Power of Place in Postwar Jewish Suburbanization
-- Jews, Wars, and Foreign Affairs
-- The Yiddish Press as a Kaleidoscope of American Jewish Life
-- Utopias and Ambivalence: The Jewish American Worlds of Mordecai Noah, Gertrude Berg and Clifford Odets, 1825-1940
-- Gender, Race, and Anti-Communism
-- New Research on American Jewish Responses to Nazism and the Holocaust
-- American Jewish Exceptionalism: Considerations and Critiques
-- Reinventing Community on America's Pacific Edge
-- New Research on Immigration and Americanization
-- Jews, Entertainment, and Politics
There are also optional tours of Harlem and the Tenement Museum.

Read about the presenters and other aspects of the conference at the link above.

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