08 May 2010

Footnote.com: Historical newspapers free through May

Our friends at Footnote.com are providing free access to the complete historical newspaper collection through the end of May.

The newspapers - from small towns to major cities to international publications - date as far back as the 1700s, although the majority are more recent.

Genealogists know that historic newspapers are one of the best ways to find out about our ancestors. Through perusing the pages, we learn about how they lived, and often locate information that may not be found elsewhere. These collections provide a fascinating window to the past.

In addition to news, Tracing the Tribe finds the advertisements especially interesting. The ads add even more information about how families lived in those days, what things cost, how households and businesses were run.

Readers new to Footnote will need to register (free) and will then be able to download articles of interest.

See the contents of the collections here, which include major US papers, the London Times, small town papers, historical papers and more.

View the newspaper collections here for free through the end of May.

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