21 February 2010

Toronto: ShalomLife article, Part 2, online

The second installment of an interview with Tracing the Tribe is now online at ShalomLife in Toronto.

See some old family photos and read Dan Verbin's story here.
Questions answered include:
  • How I caught the gen bug (for which there is no known antidote),
  • How far I've tracked back on my two main research lines,
  • What's different about Jewish records vs general records,
  • Is it harder for Jewish genealogists than others to trace their families,
  • The differences among Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi research;
  • Crypto-Jews/conversos/bnai anousim, and
  • What I'm doing now (including Hong Kong and Australia).
Back to getting some blogging done in Hong Kong.

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