17 February 2010

Jamboree 2010: Chris Haley is keynote speaker

In the 1970s, television revolutionized genealogy as a pursuit we can all follow.

With the publishing of Alex Haley's book - "Roots" - and the television production that followed, people around the world were inspired to begin wondering about their own roots.

The Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree 2010 (June 11-13) will feature a special guest, when the Friday night banquet keynote speaker will be Chris Haley, nephew of author Alex Haley.

An actor, musician and genealogist, Christ will speak about how genealogy has both changed and remained the same over the years.

"My Genealogy: Now and Then” will include family photos, documents, music and thoughts on his dual African and Scottish heritage. The story of his genetic discovery and reunion with relatives from the British Isles was covered in the media and is featured on Ancestry.com’s introductory DNA page.

Do you need even more incentive to attend the dinner?

How about this? One lucky banquet attendee will win an autographed, first edition copy of "Roots."

This presentation is sure to entertain, educate and engage.

Register for Jamboree, including the banquet and other special events, at the SCGS website.

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