09 January 2010

Museum of Family History - New in January

Steve Lasky of the virtual Museum of Family History updates what's new at the site:

-- "The Jews of Asia." Visit "Synagogues and Memorials." See photographs from the 1990s-2000s) from Hong Kong and Shanghai, China; Bombay (Mumbai) and Cochin (Kochi) in India; Rangoon (Yangon) in Burma (Myanmar), Singapore, Tajikistan, Lebanon and Istanbul, Turkey (i.e. the Asian side of the Bosphorus).

-- All sections of the 1905/1907 book "The Immigrant Jew in America" is now available. Read about Russian Jews in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

-- Anti-Semitism in Europe - Letters from Leipzig: Within six years before the start of WWII, non-Jewish German woman named Ilse Gerngrofs wrote four letters to a Jewish friend in New Zealand (not knowing she was Jewish). They serve as an example of pre- and post-Hitler era anti-Semitic sentiments that existed in Germany. Although ofensive, they are worth reading.

-- Synagogues of Europe: Greece: Athens, Corfu, Rhodes and Thesssalonika; Spain: Madrin and Toledo; Ukraine: Husiatyn and Zastavna.

-- Newspaper Archives: More than 100 articles are in the archives. More than two dozen were published (1880s-1906) about the Lower East Side (Manhattan). Learn what it was like a century ago. There are two 1903 film clips showing street scenes.

-- Pogroms: A reminder about the table of 1903-1906 pogroms (some 250 towns and cities), and the introduction and commentary about this history in the American Jewish Year Book (1906-7).

Questions about any material? Write to Steve.

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