04 January 2010

Miami: Brickwalls Q&A, Jan. 10

Have brickwalls in your research? Want information on how to get over or through them?

Join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami on Sunday, January 10 for its annual "Questions and Answers - Bring Your Brickwalls" event.

It starts at 10am at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation Building at 4200 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami. Networking starts at 9.45am.

The group's mavens are a well-versed group in different topics. Are your questions in the realm of DNA? Software? Members are ready to help and advise.

What might be a new question or difficult issue - for you - may be old-hat to these experts. If you don't ask those questions, you'll always wonder about what you could have done to make progress.

Tracing the Tribe knows that we were all beginners at some point in our genealogical lives. We each had a million questions. Along the way, we received help and advice from those who had been in that same place much earlier. The goal of genealogy is to pass on information so we can all learn.

As we are helped, we must then help others. In genealogy - as in life - what goes around, comes around. So bring your questions to this event and learn together.

NOTE: Remember about the secure parking and bring ID. The parking gate is now permanently closed. On the left is a yellow security box, press #001 to connect to security. Announce you are attending the JGS meeting, the gate will slide open and then close behind you.

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