22 December 2009

Resources Online: Love comics?

Nothing like a cold rainy day to encourage a blogger to stay home and go through email.

Tracing the Tribe clicked on ResearchBuzz today and learned about a new collection of digitized comics from various sources.

Some include famous cartoon characters used for public service announcements. The cartoon at left is from Security is an Eye Patch, featuring Charlie Brown and his sister Sally. The booklet on amblyopia ("lazy eye") was published by the US Department of Health.

Some comics are in Spanish, most are in English. Other cartoon characters are also featured, such as L'il Abner and Dennis the Menace. Enjoy the 183 comics, which can be downloaded as PDFs. Loading can be slow, so be patient.

How does Tracing the Tribe find some of these interesting items? Resources, resources, resources is the name of the game.

One very useful site is ResearchBuzz, which offers all sorts of interesting items from many diverse sites, all in a convenient email alert.

The site covers the world of search engines, databases, and other online information collections. Recent posts have covered the Library of Congress, Twitter, Worldcat and much more.

In fact, ResearchBuzz learned about the digitized comics from another site called ResourceShelf, which provides updates on resources of interest to information professionals, educators and journalists.

Librarians and researchers share the results of their web searches for resources and information. Among the quirky ones was the comics site above. There's also a weekly newsletter.

Readers may subscribe to both resources.

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