21 December 2009

Online: Top 10 gen mags

Genealogy in Time has two interesting articles online now.

The first is a list of the top 10 most popular online genealogy magazines, according to Alexa, which measures Internet traffic and monitors millions of online sources including thousands of genealogy sites. The second is a top 10 list of 2009's most popular genealogy themes.

Read the first here.

The list is headed by our geneablogger colleague Dick Eastman, of Eastman's Online Genealogy Magazine. When Dick started writing, there was no such thing as a blog, thus he decided to call it a magazine, but Tracing the Tribe is always proud to call him a fellow geneablogger!

The Top 10 list with links to each:

1. Eastman’s Online Genealogy Magazine [Link]
2. Family Tree Magazine [Link]
3. Family Chronicle Magazine [Link]
4. Journal of Genetic Genealogy [Link]
5. The Global Gazette [Link]
6. Genealogy In Time [Link]
7. Genealogy Roots Blog [Link]
8. Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly – This is the go-to genealogy site for anyone wanting to trace their roots in the State of Georgia. [Link]
9. Genealogy Magazine [Link]
10. Family Research [Link]

For more on each publication, click the link above and also see Alexa's most recent list here.

The second article is a 2009 roundup of top genealogy news stories and themes. Read Genealogy in Time's article here for more on each. Last year, genetic testing topped the list; this year's is more diverse and is topped by privacy or lack of same for online personal gen information.

Here are the top 10 in reverse order:

10. Long Life Does Run in Families – Long Life Runs in Families.

9. Who Owns Your Online Genealogy Information – Who Owns Your Online Genealogy Information.

8. DNA Confirms Final Remains of Russian Royal Family – DNA Confirms Remains of Russian Royal Family.

7. The Drive for Youthfulness Even Extends to the Grave - Obituary Photos are Getting Younger.

6. The Downside of Genetic Genealogy Tests – Germany Bans Genetic Genealogy Tests.

5. Europe Remains at the Forefront of Genealogy Privacy – Europe Demands Privacy Standards for Social Networking Sites.

4. Why Your Ancestors Kept Changing Their Name – Why Immigrants Change Their Name.

3. Facebook and Privacy – Privacy Fears Raised Over Genealogy Application on Facebook, Regulator Finds Facebook has Serious Privacy Gaps, Facebook Announces Tighter Privacy Standards and Google Ads New Privacy Tools: Implications for Genealogy.

2. The Biggest Genealogy Company Lists on the Stock Exchange – Genealogy This Week and Why Are Newspapers Dying?

1. We Now Know How Much We Don’t Know About Our Ancestors

According to Genealogy in Time, "we still do not have definitive answers to some of the really big genealogy questions. So, the next time you feel frustrated in your genealogy searches, take heart. You are in good company!"

Enjoy your read!

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