05 December 2009

Iran: Nashim's issue on Iranian Jewish women

The new edition (number 18) of Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues is devoted to Iranian Jewish women.

Nashim provides an international, interdisciplinary academic forum in Jewish women’s and gender studies. Each issue is theme-oriented, produced in consultation with a distinguished feminist scholar, and includes articles on literature, text studies, anthropology, archeology, theology, contemporary thought, sociology, the arts, and more.

It was great to see some familiar names in the list, such as Farideh Dayanim Goldin as consulting editor and author, and anthropologist Judith L. Goldstein.

Judith and I have known each other since she did her PhD research in Iran on the women of Yazd. She stayed with us in Teheran when she wasn't in Yazd, and we meet in New York when I visit.

The journal is available online but only if you are a member of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS) (receive a 15% discount off the regular subscription price), or access it through your library. Non-members can view each article below for $13.50 per article. See the link for more information.

Here's some of what's in this issue:

-- Introduction, by Farideh Dayanim Goldin, who also served as consulting editor on this issue.

-- Iranian Jewish Women: Domesticating Religion and Appropriating Zoroastrian Religion in Ritual Life, by Saba Soomekh

--Individual Redemption and Family Commitment: The Influence of Mass Immigrationto Israel on the Crypto-Jewish Women of Mashhad: Hilda Nissimi

-- The Tear Jar, by Judith L. Goldstein

-- The Ghosts of Our Mothers: From Oral Tradition to Written Words -A History and Critique of Jewish Women Writers of Iranian Heritage: Farideh Dayanim Goldin

-- The Chador as a Symbol of Fear during Khomeini's Insurrection: Karen L. Pliskin

-- Esther-The Jewish Queen of Persia: Drora Oren

There are five reviewed books and a call for papers for future issues ( Nashim 21 - Women in the Responsa Literature; and Nashim 23 - Jewish Women and Their Bodies).

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