26 December 2009

Florida Jewish History Month kick-off, Jan. 3

Florida Jewish History Month launches with a panel discussion, "Cultural Identity Through Art," at the Jewish Museum of Florida, on Sunday, January 3.

Because defining who's a Jew and Jewish art are challenging questions, the program will feature a panel discussion, in an effort to answer the questions: How does one's identity influence art? And if it does, how is it expressed?
The program at the museum starts at 10.30am, moderated by Diane Camber, retired executive director and chief curator of the Bass Museum of Art. She is an art historian, educator and architectural preservationist.

Panelists will be architect Deborah Disilets, freelance journalist Dina Weinstein, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz and former South African artist and teacher Neitzah Benbenisti. Click here for extensive details on each panelist.

Following the program, there will be an art show, featuring acrylics, sculpture and silk screenings by Florida Jewish artists Shimon Dray, Natasha Ten, Shoni Labowitz and Neitzah Benbenisti.

Florida Jewish History Month began at the Jewish Museum of Florida, which collects, preserves and interprets the Jewish experience in Florida documented since 1763. Jews have been allowed to live in the state only since 1763 when Florida was taken from the Spanish and turned over to the British in the Treaty of Paris following the French and Indian War.

The first Jews settled in Pensacola that year and bought property to begin businesses. David Levy Yulee brought Florida into statehood in 1845, served as its first U.S. senator and was the first person of Jewish ancestry to serve in the U.S. Congress.

Fee: members, free; others, $6. For more information, call 305-672-5044, ext. 3164, or see the museum's website (link above). The museum is located at 310 Washington Avenue, South Beach.

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  1. Do you know about the Florida Jewish history project Mosaic? It may even be housed in this museum. It was developed about 10 years ago and toured the state.