24 November 2009

Tablet: Toys NOT to buy for the holiday

Titled "Toy Vey," enjoy Tablet Magazine's list of things NOT to get for young people at holiday time.

Here are just the names of the toys.

See the complete article by Marjorie Ingall for more, much more, definitely more than you really wanted to know about each toy, including where not to buy them.

Writes Ingall, "Peruse them all, then buy your child a book." Tracing the Tribe tends to agree.

-- Plush Mohel Scissors (Talk about traumatic!)

-- Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
(Tracing the Tribe kind of like these, but please save them for your seder!)

-- Star of David 3D Glasses

-- Samson Action Figure (Ah, the things you can do to plastic!)

-- Harvey Nagila Dancing Doll (Read the true story on this one!)

-- Techno Draydel with Lights and Sound Effects (Some people have dreidel collections, but not of these!)

-- Kosherland

-- Hanukkah Harry ( a 7 1/2-foot-tall lawn ornament!)

-- Talking Queen Esther Doll

1 comment:

  1. Mohel Scissors: hopefully a doll is NOT included.