05 November 2009

Such a bargain! - A DNA sale

From FamilyTreeDNA.com comes a great-end-of-year promotion.

Their recent Full Mitochondria Sequence sale was the most successful promotion in the company's history. Growing the databases - Y-DNA and mtDNA - at FamilyTreeDNA means that more researchers around the world are more likely to find genetic connections.

Tracing the Tribe has, in the past, received emails from people who say "But I have no matches!" I remind them that all they have to do is wait. The more people that test with FamilyTreeDNA the better the chances of finding matches.

With the largest comparative database in the industry (and of most interest to Tracing the Tribe, the largest Jewish DNA comparative database), the probability of finding genetic matches grows every day.

So, if you've been waiting to test, here are some good prices that may convince you that now's the time to do this.

The holidays are coming up - what better Chanukah gift than a DNA genetic genealogy test? Please note that this sale is contingent on orders placed and paid for by December 31, 2009. Having a big family reunion for Thanksgiving? Make testing of different family branches a family affair at your get-together.

The sale includes Y-DNA 37- and 67-marker tests, mtDNAPlus and SuperDNA:

Y-DNA37 – special price $119 (regularly $149)
Y-DNA67 – special price $209 (regularly $239)
mtDNAPlus – special price $139 (regularly $149)
SuperDNA – special price $488 (regularly $665)
If you are a project administrator, spread the word to your members and publicize the sale to encourage more people to sign up.

Also, FamilyTreeDNA released the new permanent prices for the Full Mitochondria Sequence:

Have you already tested Y-DNA? Then the mtDNA Full Sequence test is $249.
Is this your first test with the company? Then the mtDNA Full Sequence test is $279.
To upgrade from HVR1, $229. To upgrade from HVR2, $209.

Join the club, help to grow the FamilyTreeDNA database and find genetic matches. Be prepared for the surprises you might discover!

For more information, read all about DNA testing at FamilyTreeDNA.com


  1. Please explain what all these DNA tests mean! I think most of us have no idea.

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I'm not a geneticist, so I have had to do a lot of reading (much of it on the Family Tree site) and still don't really get the scientific side of it.

    But, I did the Y-DNA test, have received part of the results already and found a good number of matches. They're leads, not solid family relationships. But they are beginning to point to some likely geographic areas. And the further results will arrive soon.