22 November 2009

New York: Seeking Syrian Jewish experts

Do you belong to the Syrian Jewish community in New York?

The Commission on the Jewish People of UJA-Federation of New York works to build
bridges among the various diverse and complex Jewish populations of the New York area.

As part of this, it is currently exploring different elements of the Sephardic Jewish community and specifically the nature of New York's Syrian-Jewish population.

They are searching for potential academics able to conduct research into the Syrian-Jewish community living in Brooklyn today, ascertaining both qualitative and quantitative information such as Jewish patterns of behavior, the socio-economic character of the population, population growth, and interface with the non-Syrian Jewish community at large.

The commission is seeking more on the contemporary nature of Brooklyn's Syrian-Jewish community, rather than historical information. The researcher should be willing to make significant contact with the Syrian community.

For more information, contact the UGA's director of research Jennifer Rosenberg if you are interested or if you know of someone who specializes in this or a related field.

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