31 October 2009

UK: Who Do You Think You Are? February 2010

Have you ever wondered what secrets lurk in your family's past?

The next edition of the fabulous "Who do You Think You Are? LIVE" is set for London's Olympia National Hall from February 26-28, 2010. It may be the place where you find answers to your questions about your family's unique history.

Some 15,000 enthusiastic and passionate-about-genealogy visitors are anticipated over the three-day show. Sponsors include Ancestry.co.uk, FamilyTreeDNA.com and others.

The show has a new website with all the latest information. Readers should sign up for the newsletter to receive breaking news and more information. The sign up box is above the left sidebar menu.

Family history research is always an exciting ride down discovery road, and we're never sure of what we might find along the way. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned researcher, the event will have something to enjoy and many experts to help.

The Society of Genealogists Family History Show, sponsored by TheGenealogist.co.uk, will feature UK family history societies, whose specialists with local knowledge will help find answers to questions, and provide information to help you discover your own unique story. The SoG workshop program will offer more than 100 workshops and seminars on many topics. Some 200 exhibitors will help even more. Everything's under one roof, making it very convenient.

I've tried to attend the show for two years without success - something has always forced a change in plans - but I'm hoping this year I'll really make it.

The Olympia National Hall in London is easily accessible by tube (subway for non-Brits), bus and other transport. It's just a short bus ride from our cousins in Chiswick (and there's a great Persian restaurant across the street from the hall!).

Tickets go on sale soon (show tickets, November; workshop tickets, January). Show hours are Friday (10am-6.30pm), Saturday (9.30am-6pm) and Sunday (9.30am-5pm).

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  1. Will you be visiting us at WDYTYAL? We'd love to have you as a guest star on the JGSGB stand at the show!

    Jeanette from JGSGB in London UK