23 October 2009

JGSLA 2010: Kurzweil named 'genealogist in residence'

Arthur Kurzweil has been named the first-ever conference "Genealogist in Residence," according to the JGSLA 2010 blog for the 30th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, which is set from July 11-16 in Los Angeles.

Author of "From Generation to Generation" - which should be required reading for all beginning Jewish genealogists - Arthur Kurzweil is one of America’s foremost experts in the field.

He will give lectures and classes all week, and will also, according to conference chairs, be "available for kibitzing, kvetching and commentary on the fly."

Arthur's talents are also prominent in the field of magic, and he will also perform "Searching for God in a Magic Shop." It is certainly appropriate because attendees experience many magical moments at these annual conferences. "It is a unique exploration of the world of illusions, offering profound ideas of Jewish thought."

How many times during your family tree meanderings have you slapped your forehead and exclaimed: “It was there all the time…I just didn’t see it!” Kurzweil’s performance will demonstrate how often we miss what is right in front of us, how little we truly “see” at first glance. An enlightening lesson for genealogists.

He will also conduct two hands-on workshops, “Climbing Your Jewish Family Tree” and “Holocaust Research: How and Why To Locate Information About What Happened to Your Family During the Holocaust,” and discuss the spiritual nature of genealogy.

For more information, visit JGSLA2010.com.

Planning on speaking at the Los Angeles conference? The Call for Papers opens November 15, so get ready!

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