17 October 2009

Israel: Film Festival to screen 80 films

The Sixth Jewish Eye Festival will screen movies connected to Jewish history, identity and culture in Ashkelon, with the kick off on October 19, in the International Conference Center.

It begins with "Einstein, directed by Italian Liliana Cavani, according to YnetNews.

More than 80 films will be shown.
This year's festival will mark 130 years since Albert Einstein's birthdate, 150 years since the birth of Shalom Aleichem, 80 years since the establishment of the Jewish Agency, 80 years since the Lybian immigration to Israel, and a special memorial for Moroccan singer, Jo Amar, who died this year.
Founders/chairs Oded Guy and Gadi Castel said, that contrary to other festivals, theirs does not grapple with the region's political conflicts.

Some of the films are:
'Gevalt!' documentary by Yochai Hakak and Ron Ofer.
'The Letter' drama documentary by Miki Bahgen
'Family on the Edge' documentary by Gilad Goldshmidt
'My Flag' documentary by Sari Mekover and Ora Maimon
'An Inflated Heart' love story action by Alexander Cherny
'Brothers' action by Yigal Nidam.
International films include:

'Hello, Mothers' by Moroccan director Mohammed Ismail
'Tel Aviv Vacation' by director Eliot Abaksis
'Heavy Sand' by Anton Bershevski
'Letters to Jenny' Spanish director Diego Musiak
Russian comedy 'Hilter Kaput!' Marius Weisberg
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