25 October 2009

Footnote: Holocaust Collection, updates

A friendly reminder that the new Holocaust Collection at Footnote.com is still available - no charge - through the end of October.

Do check out the records. You might find excellent information. For more information on the collection, read Tracing the Tribe's post on it. And read Tyler's post on the Footnote blog.

Tracing the Tribe has written additional posts focusing on Footnote.com. Just enter "footnote.com" in the blog search box and learn about other features.

Additionally, Tracing the Tribe has located various Jewish records in other Footnote collections. such as Civil War Widows' Pensions and Southern Claims Commission. If your family roots are Civil War-era Southern US, you may be in for a surprise or two.

Footnote.com is always adding new items. Some of the new updates include city directories for Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Los Angeles, Louisville, New Orleans, New York, Newark, St. Louis and San Francisco.

City directories help you trace your relatives as they moved around in one city, and may even help you pick up the trail in other cities. I found Philadelphia relatives who disappeared in that city and were later rediscovered, to my amazement, in Baltimore.

Randy Seaver offered two excellent posts at Genea-Musings.com on searching at Footnote.com. His technology posts, analysis and explanations of "the tricks of the trade" are priceless; I always learn something new.
Friday, October 16:
Using Wild Cards for Footnote.com Searches

Thursday, October 15:
Learning new Footnote.com Search Tricks
Check out Footnote.com's offerings now.

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