10 September 2009

World Jewish Studies: Latin American topics

The World Jewish Studies Conference, held in Israel during August, also covered Latin American Jewry.

Readers may ask the purpose of listing topics from a conference that has concluded. Tracing the Tribe believes that this list, and the others to follow in other posts, will inspire, educate and encourage readers to investigate topics of interest relevant to their own history or those in which they may have other interests.

These topics cover important volunteer participation in archival projects, organization of collections, and information on specific communities (Mexico, Morocco, Argentina, US, Israel) .

Here's that section of topics, which was sponsored at the conference by the Latin American Jewry Research Association (Sección del Judaísmo Latinoamericano AMILAT – Asociación de Investigación del Judaísmo Latinoamericano).

Here's some of what you missed (S=Spanish, E=English, H=Hebrew):

Special Panel on Archives with Collections on Latin American Jewry
Alicia Gojman de Backal (E) The Documentation Center of the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico City and its Recognition by UNESCO
Project of Registration of Documentation in Israeli Archives by members of the Israeli Association for Promotion of Jewish Latin American Studies
Hadasa Assulin (E) Latin American Volunteers and their Contribution to the Archive’s Work
Moshe Goler (H) Recruitment of Volunteers
Theodor Bar Shalom (H) Organization and Registration of Material from Latin America
Iosef Rozen (H) Organization and Registration of the Collection of the Jewish Colonization Association

American Jewish Communities of Syrian Origin
Margalit Bejarano (E) Between Law and Reality: Mixed Marriages and Conversions among Syrian Ladino Speakers and Moroccan Jews in Buenos Aires
Sarina Roffé (E) The Takanah Against Marriage to Converts of the Syrian and Near Eastern Communities of Brooklyn
Alicia Hamui Halabe (E) La “Retakanización” de la Comunidad Maguén David en México
Susana Brauner (S) Religión, etnicidad y política: los argentinos-judíos de origen sirio

Tracing the Tribe is investigating whether the transcripts will be posted for the sessions and will report back.

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