27 September 2009

Who Do You Think You Are? US and Australia, 2010

We are getting closer - perhaps - to seeing WDYTYA in the US.

A Broadcast.Co.UK article indicates two interesting facts: The US premiere will now be in January 2010 and Australians will also be able to see the US version:

22 September 2009: Outright Distribution has sold the forthcoming US version of Who Do You Think You Are? into Australia.

Australia’s Nine Network has picked up broadcast rights to the US adapation of the genealogical show, made by British indie Wall to Wall. It is due to launch in the US on NBC in January next year featuring Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Susan Sarandon amongst others.
We could hold our breath, but let's see what happens closer to January.

Australia also produces its own version of the show with downunder celebrites.

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  1. WDYTYA was a significant influence on my family history work. The decisive factor was closer to home -- deaths of parents; but, my experience of watching WDYTYA during the 8 years I lived in the UK paved the way.

    It has been one of BBC America's many mistakes not to broadcast WDYTYA in the US (along with the UK Newsnight, Newsnight Review; and Coast).