25 September 2009

Poland: JRI-Poland, Kielce-Radom SIG agreement

Stanley Diamond, executive director of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland (JRI-Poland), has just informed Tracing the Tribe of this important announcement concerning an agreement with the Kielce-Radom Special Interest Group (K-R SIG)

In 2004, following years of outstanding contributions of in-depth research in this geographical area of Poland, the K-R SIG Journal ceased publication of its hard copy journal. During and since that time, the indices of many towns published in the Journal were transferred to JRI-Poland and are available in the online searchable online database.

With the new agreement, full extracts for tens of thousands of records from all towns, originally published in the K-R Journal, in addition to thousands more extracts - that had not been published - will be integrated into the JRI-P database in its freely available and searchable online database.

The extracts are from LDS microfilms of Polish-Jewish records.

- The K-R SIG web pages are now been integrated into the JRI-Poland website and all information concerning K-R SIG data is now available through a thumbnail link at the bottom of the JRI-P home page (link above).

- All K-R SIG Journal editions have been scanned and now online at JRI-Poland, freely searchable and downloadable PDF files.

- To benefit previous Journal subscribers and all researchers with an interest in the geographical area covered in the former Kielce and Radom Gubernia - and as part of the closing of its accounts - the K-R SIG management has made a generous grant to JRI-Poland for the funding of records from these areas.These funds have enabled JRI-Poland to complete funding for the following towns originally indexed under the JRI-Poland/Polish State Archives (PSA) project.The data for these towns is now searchable online:
Bodzentyn: BMD 1885-1904
Checiny: BMD 1885-1903
Daleszyce: BMD 1897-1904
Grojec: BMD 1878~1902
Konskie: BMD1885-1904
Ksiaz Wielki: B1869-71,87-99; M 1862-1880; D_1869-71,97-99 (some Krakow data)
Lopuszno: BMD 1874-1904
Miechow: BMD 1870~1903+1872-74 (some Krakow data)
Mogielnica: BMD 1878-1901
Radom: Books of Residents
Radoszyce: BMD 1885-1904
Warka: BMD 1878-1901,1903
Wloszczowa: BD 1824-1903; M 1823~1903
Wolanow: BMD 1878~1903
On behalf of the board of JRI-Poland and the K-R SIG management, Stanley writes:

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Warren Blatt, founding editor of the Journal and K-R SIG Advisory Group members Debra Braverman and Carol Isaak who made the decision to entrust JRI-Poland with their valuable work.

At the same time, I would like to offer special thanks to Hadassah Lipsius and Meira Puterman who had the major task of adapting the K-R SIG web pages (and PDF links) to the JRI-Poland web site and to JRI-Poland Database Manager Michael Tobias who processed all the new data so quickly for this special launch.

What excellent news to start the Jewish New Year 5770, with so many accessible online resources. Thank you to everyone involved.

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  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    This is very good news. The K-R journals which I have seen only once appeared to be excellent and those of us researching that area are delighted to have the opportunity to study them more closely.